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Make Education Your Superpower

with the help and support of Mansfield Adult Education 

The challenges life presents are never the end of the road. Take your next steps with free educational resources to:

  • Get your GED®

  • Begin the Adult Diploma Program

  • Earn a certification in a high-demand field 

  • Empower your team to grow

Felicia Perkins Felicia Perkins

“I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart to Lou (Tommelleo) and Marsha, and everyone at Madison (Adult Career Center) for helping me become one step closer to making my dreams come true!” 

-Felicia Perkins

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During orientation you’ll complete a skills assessment and meet the staff who will help you learn more about your options. 


While you focus on balancing life and school, we will be there to provide the tools and resources you need to measure success.


Whether you start a career or continue your education, we remain a resource for you to make connections as you take your next steps.

Enrollment is open to students 19+, or 16+ if officially withdrawn from High School.

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For Students

Find out how you can earn the certifications you need.

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For Employers

Level-up your staff and increase retention through free employee education opportunities.

  • Sandra Thoman

    -Sandra Thoman

    “Great program. Great teachers. Great staff. I was shown that my education is super important, a lot
    of help along the way, and now I look forward to building a career! The teachers and staff never gave up on me or any other student. By September 2022, at 7 months pregnant, I graduated! With a little bit of work and encouragement, I did it! I know that YOU can do it too! Please give Mansfield Adult Education Program a chance! You will not regret it!” -Sandra Thoman

  • Jaiden Byrd

    -Jaiden Byrd

    “Mansfield Adult Education is helping me get my education for free and get a good career. I would have never been able to get it without this program, and without the best teachers that keep me motivated!

    Everyone was so nice, welcoming, and made you feel like you belong. Classes are available at night and I can get my high school diploma and a certification in a good career. It has opened a lot more doors for me and I’m now in trade school to become a dental assistant.” 

  • Felicia Perkins

    -Felicia Perkins

    “I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart to Lou (Tommelleo) and Marsha, and everyone at Madison (Adult Career Center) for helping me become one step closer to making my dreams come true!”

  • -Nogaye Gaye

    “I really love my teacher, he is patient with all the students and is the best teacher ever!” 

    Nogaye Gaye is a student from Dakar, Senegal, in West Africa. She is preparing to enroll in the Adult
    Diploma Program by pursuing a career as an STNA (State Tested Nurse Aide). 

  • -Makayla Javens

    “Before I entered the ASPIRE program, I was a struggling teen who didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life. The staff helped direct me through the process of getting my GED and encouraged me to be something greater! I am now in my 3rd term of my first year of college working towards my Bachelor’s and then plan to get my Master’s degree in Psychology.” 

  • -Lucas Bradley

    “I dropped out of high school because I got suspended my senior year for something stupid and I just never went back. I decided I want to go into the military so now I need to get my GED. I’ve already taken the ASFAB. I just haven’t been motivated to come to any classes, but Brandi has been texting me and making me do a little work in New Readers Press and has made me come in and take practice tests. I passed all of them. Now I have passed the real tests for math, science and social studies. I’m thankful that she saw I could do this and didn’t stop
    messaging me.” 

  • -Xiao Huan

    “I come to classes regularly and take some online tests at home. My favorite part is going to my language
    and social studies classes. I learn so much about the systems of the U.S. Government. We get to share
    our different opinions in the classroom.”

  • -Callie

    “I struggled really badly with math and algebra and now I have a greater understanding of both! Lou would take the extra time to teach me math a different way until I fully understood what was going on. There were times when I was MIA for months. But I finally got back on track, studied and put my mind on getting my diploma thanks to my grandparents, my friends, and Lou.

    My next path is to finish the STNA course and go to college for Psychology. I think everyone who needs their Diploma should come here and give it a shot. It’s amazing how this program also puts your foot in the door for a career path or college if desired.” 

  • -Rocky Frazier

    Rocky Frazier is 18 years old and from Bellville, Ohio. Rocky just completed Orientation at our W. 5 th St.
    location and is looking forward to attending his GED classes. When asked how his Orientation experience was he said, “I felt very comfortable and welcomed. I learned a lot about what was going to be on each GED test and I really liked getting to learn how to use the calculator. I felt like it was everything I needed to get me prepared for class.” Rocky says that his biggest motivation for earning his high school diploma is “to get ready for my future.” 

  • -Nicole Hayes

    Nicole pursued the ADP program through Mansfield Adult Education and just graduated from the CCMA
    Career Course at Pioneer.

    “I knew I had made a mistake when I stopped going to school as a teenager. I needed my high school diploma! I was facing struggles. I was only able to get a job with 15 hours a week, and I had 3 step children I was caring for.”

    After Nicole started attending her CCMA classes their vehicle blew up, but she didn’t give up! She rode the bus  and once Nicole got into her clinicals, she was attending 5 hours a day, 4 days a week and had to walk to and from her site every day. “The programs have helped me get a diploma and gain knowledge in the medical field! The staff in the programs were GREAT! My CCMA teacher, Lisa, purchased a stethoscope for me because she believed in me so much!”

  • -Mark Davis

    “I’m deciding to come back to school because I’m so proud of and encouraged by my finance’s success.” He says this is a difficult decision because he will have to take a pay cut to be able to attend classes, but he believes it will be worth it to be an example to his 3 children!

    Mark is thinking about doing the ADP program and pursuing the Phlebotomy classes. 

  • -Grace W.

    “Going to Crawford Success Center was the right choice! When I went to get my GED as an adult, I was nervous and I didn’t know what to expect. The first day, all those doubts quickly disappeared. I found out that the program was well organized and thoughtfully designed for my success. Lou Tommelleo, the teacher, not only taught the material well, but was always willing to work with my schedule and at my pace. There were also people on hand to talk with me about my options for college. I felt supported and respected, and I was able to attain my GED much earlier than I anticipated. Everyone at Crawford Success Center was fantastic and I’m so happy I decided to attend.” 

  • -Joseph S.

    “All the teachers and other students want everybody else to pass the test. There was a lot of positivity and help from everyone. My biggest motivation to earn my high school diploma was for a better paying job and better life. I would tell others to go ahead and try this program there’s nothing to be afraid of! Anything is possible.” 

  • -Samantha Ramirez

    “I got a job as a nurse. Lou helped me in so many ways. I didn’t believe in myself nor did I push forward because I didn’t think I was smart enough, but look at me go!  My family, my three-year-old, and Mr. Lou believed in me. They got me to where I am today as an STNA.”

  • -Dakota Dye

    “Steve has helped me with acquiring jobs even though I have a background.” Dye also said that he has been taught about getting his records sealed by Steve and that a friend of his told him about Steve and helping with his record so that’s how he knew to enroll when he got to the Community Alternative Center.

  • -James Riggenbach

     “If you’re interested in changing your outcome when you get out of here (CAC), getting educated, and getting your background cleaned up you should definitely listen to Steve and take his advice.”             

  • -Dion Walker

     “Steve really cares about what he’s doing for us and it’s important to him that we get to know things that we didn’t have the chance to learn before. Steve introduces us to laws and other resources that are important for folks who have any sort of a background to know.”

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