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Adult Diploma Program

Earn your high school diploma along with an industry-recognized credential for an in-demand job.

Brighten Your Future

Whatever kept you from completing high school doesn’t have to hold you back anymore. The Adult Diploma Program prepares adults over the age of 18 for in-demand jobs without the constraints of a traditional high school classroom. Learn and master skills at your own pace through a plan that’s customized with your goals in mind. When you’re done, you’ll have your diploma and the skills you need to thrive.

Designed with Your Life in Mind

This isn’t high school 2.0. The Adult Diploma Program focuses on building the skills you need to earn credentials for the following in-demand careers: 

  • Certified Clinical Medical Assistant  
  • Customer & Office Support Technology 
  • Dental Assisting 
  • Essential Office Technologies 
  • Nail Technician 
  • Phlebotomy  
  • STNA 
  • Welding
Welding career

For Adults 18+

Credit Hours

No OGT, No Minimum Credit Requirements


Earn a State-Issued High School Diploma

Job Search

Prepare for In-Demand Jobs

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