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Employee Spotlight – Jack Macfarlane

May 15, 2023

Jack Macfarlane is our June Spotlight employee. He teaches math and science at our West Fifth location. Jack is passionate, creative, and driven. He keeps our students engaged with his
creative lessons and an optimistic outlook. He goes above and beyond to ensure a welcoming atmosphere. Jack enjoys spending time with his loved ones and making music. You might find him working on a home project or enjoying a day launching model rockets with the Wright Stuff Rocketeers Club. He really is a ” Jack of all trades.”

Do you have any hidden talents?

“I like to play the guitar. I also enjoy making and launching high- powered rockets. I keep a 5-foot ARCAS model rocket in my classroom and use it as a prop when teaching science.”

Who has made the most impact on your career choice?

“In 2003, our ESO (Navy Educational Services Officer), on my last duty station in Lemoore, California, suggested I go for a master’s degree in education (MSEd) in curriculum and instruction. I’ve been in higher education since then.”

Jack finished up his Newton’s Law of Motion unit by launching a Replica of the Artemis 1 rocket that NASA launched on 11/16/22 Watch on YouTube @mansfieldadulteducationaspire

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