Distance Education

What is Distance Education?

Distance Education is a learning activity where the student and teacher are separated by location and/or time.


Is Distance Education right for me?

Students who have the most success in distance education are very self-motivated, good at staying on task and self-monitoring, have high reading comprehension levels, and have excellent technology and Internet skills.  If the location and/or time of Aspire classes prevents you from attending in person and you have these skills, then distance education may be right for you.

There is a misconception that online or distance education is easier and faster than attending classes in person. The reality is that being an adult learner, whether online or in person, takes a great deal of time, effort, and dedication.

Click here for helpful tips on how to be a successful online distance education student!


What is Blended Learning?

Blended learning is when you participate in both in-person classes and distance education instruction at the same time. Data has shown that Aspire students who attend classes in person and complete additional work online have more success than students who do online distance education only.


What are the Requirements?

Become an Aspire student by attending orientation and class in person for 12 hours. (If you have not completed orientation click here to sign up for a start date)

Minimum score on initial TABE academic assessment or referred by Aspire instructor.

Minimum Score= Reading Level 5 ↑, Math Level 4 ↑, Language Level 4 ↑

You must have a desktop or laptop/Chromebook and Internet. (No smartphones)

Demonstrate that you have the technology skills required for distance education.

Complete an application for distance education on our website.

Once you begin distance education classes, you must complete a certain number of hours per week and per month to continue with the program. If you don’t meet those required hours you will be removed from the class.

Once you have completed these prerequisites you can apply to become a distance education student!


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