GED & Basic Education

To get a good job today, you need academic and workforce skills. Adults without a high school diploma earn on average $10,000 less per year than a person with a high school diploma or GED. This could add up to nearly $300,000 over a lifetime! 

The equation is simple: More Education = More Money. 

In 2014 the unemployment rate for those without a high school diploma was 9%, while the unemployment rate for those with a high school diploma or GED was 6% and 3.5% with a college degree.

More Education = Better Job Opportunities.

Aspire classes are free to anyone 18 and older. Improve your reading, math, and writing skills, prepare for the GED test, and get ready to go to college or an adult certificate training program to get a better job. 

Our goal is to support, assist, and help you...

  • Improve your basic academic skills
  • Address barriers in your life that prevent you from attending school
  • Pass the High School Equivalency exam
  • Explore careers, create resumes, and assist with job searching
  • Enroll in college or in-demand Adult Certificate Programs, complete Financial Aid forms, and prepare for the Compass, Accuplacer, and WorkKey Test. 

The first step is to contact us to set up a start date. You can sign up by completing the enrollment form on this website, or giving us a call at 419-525-6380.

Sign up today! Don't miss out on the job you really want. 

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